Tired of carrying the plastic bag of waste on your walk or run?

N°2 TOTE provides a discreet and sporty way to conceal the picked up poo until you come across the proper disposal site! 

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Don't Carry It... TOTE IT!

N°2 TOTE was created to provide a clean, discreet and hands-free solution for pet waste while walking, running or skating with your pup! It's a small tote that attaches to a leash by the handle with a cinch closure to keep the poo concealed until you come across the proper disposal site. Our mission is to encourage dog owners to be responsible while keeping the environment clean, and of course tails wagging! 



A “Poo-dicament” solved!

“Avery and I love the N°2Tote! I no longer have to search for a trash can for Avery's poop bag. It really comes in handy for walks on the beach where you rarely spot a trashcan. The N°2tote keeps my walks hands-free and helps out the environment!”       Abby King 


I am an avid runner, dog lover, environmental enthusiast, and the designer of what I see as a unique solution to carting a swinging “bag ‘o poo” during an afternoon run.  Nothing is better than an afternoon run in the beauty of the natural environment.  But, when it becomes necessary to cart a bag o’ poo to my final destination; I see the need for a solution.  After unsuccessful attempts at requesting additional dog dumping stations along a favorite path, the poo-solution came to me!

I sat down with my trusty companion and a glass of wine – for me not my four-legged friend – and began to sketch what could work to eliminate the swinging poo problem.  I came up with a tote design that can easily slip onto a dog’s leash, stays put once attached and out of the way whether walking, running or skate boarding.  Durably constructed, the N°2 TOTE opens and closes with a draw-string allowing for easy loading and unloading of a waste bag once I reached the next public receptacle or was safely home.

The N°2 TOTE was born!