N°2 TOTE's 100% Compostable Poop Bags for Environment-Conscious Pet Owners


Love your pet, love your planet. N°2 TOTE Poop Bags are designed for dog owners who care about the environment. Our 100% compostable, cornstarch-based poop bags make waste disposal more eco-friendly than ever before. Available now for just $9.85!


  • 100% compostable material
  • Made from cornstarch, not plastic
  • Unscented bags for sensitive noses
  • Affordable and eco-friendly waste management


  1. Eco-Friendly: Leave no trace with our 100% compostable bags.
  2. Safe for All: Unscented and made from natural cornstarch.
  3. Convenient: Designed to fit easily into the N°2 TOTE waste receptacle bag.
  4. Affordable: Priced at just $9.85, supporting sustainability has never been this cost-effective.

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